stove top espresso maker
stove top espresso maker
stove top espresso maker


Italian Moka Pot by Blue Nåmad

Product Features

  • Wooden handle, comfortable and convenient, not hot.
  • Good quality material: made of food-safe stainless steel material.
  • Moka coffee is produced using only steam's natural pressure.
  • Separation design, clear and convenient. 
  • Improved filter funnel for better extraction.
  • Suitable for gas stove, standard stove, alcohol stove.


Product Description

Did you know that the best Moka stovetop coffee maker is going to be able to offer you authenticity, professionalism and a really, really good cup of coffee?

This classic Italian Moka pot is going to be exactly what you need in the kitchen, at the office or even on a camping trip. Made from quality stainless steel that makes this great for heavy use, this is is the best Moka pot for coffee whenever and wherever you need it.

The wooden handle makes this great for easy pouring even when it’s hot. With a clear separating line to make sure that you are able to conveniently remove the two segments of this steaming Italian Moka pot, you’ll find that this prioritizes ease of use as well as the quality of coffee.

Ready to prove that it is the best Moka pot by helping you to taste better, richer coffee, this focuses on the oh so classic Italian Moka pot way of making coffee from the beginning. From quality materials to the authentic steam production to the stovetop use, this qualifies itself as the best Moka pot because it is unafraid to keep things classic amongst the modern options out there.

From camping trips to traditional kitchen use, give this Moka stovetop coffee maker a whirl wherever you are and see the positive difference it’ll make to your coffee-related life.


Product Specification:

Capacity: 4 cups espresso size

Main material: Food Safe stainless steel

Size: 15 cm Height and 7.8 cm Width

Weight: 604 gram