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Who are we?

We are the future of quality coffee that is going to infuse every single one of our products with an authentic Italian vibe and still make sure that we are doing everything within our power to help protect our earth at the same time.

Too often, coffee is the cause of single-use waste and more. All of our products aim to focus on less waste and a sustainable production experience that makes better, eco-friendly products. This is what has driven us to create our constantly improving collection of coffee accessories.

One of the biggest things that we focus on is to make sure that we put craftsmanship first. This means better products that will help you enjoy a longer life from them.

Our products are also focused on staying reasonably priced so that everyone can do their part to make sure that they are enjoying quality coffee in an ecologically sustainable way.

We are the future and every member of our team understands that we can’t focus on great quality Italian coffee alone. We also must focus on the coffee makers and footprint that we create. That’s what makes Blue Nåmad the right choice for anyone who wants to do the same.



tel. +39 03731996398

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Blue Nåmad

Palazzo Ghidoni

Via Brescia 37, 26013 Crema (CR)