Portable coffee maker, make perfect espresso on the go. Handheld espresso maker.
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable Espresso Maker
Portable Coffee Maker
Portable coffee maker
Portable espresso maker


Blue Nåmad Portable Coffee Maker

Product Features

  • Portable coffee maker.
  • No battery or electric cord required. Fully manual.
  • For ground coffee.
  • Compact sized for easy carrying purposes.
  • Multiple coffee options: Ristretto, Espresso, Double Espresso and Americano.

Product Description

Camping trips will no longer be able to compromise caffeine access.

Instead, this portable coffee maker is going to be precisely what you need to help you enjoy just the right taste from your chosen place on the mountain top. You’ve never seen a manual coffee maker like this one and it’s going to be precisely the professional handheld coffee maker that will give you your morning zip without the complication of bringing a traditional coffee maker along for the ride.

This is a true manual coffee maker that focuses entirely on filling, brewing and depositing your chosen coffee into the included small mug. Fitting right on the cap and keeping a slim profile, this portable coffee maker is going to easily make a home for itself in your backpack or other travel bag.

You’ll be happy to know that this hard-working and durable handheld coffee maker is going to make a mean espresso or keep things classic with an americano. You’ll be able to use this manual coffee maker anywhere needed, including in traffic, at the office, or just grabbing a few minutes on the park bench.

While you may never have thought that a handheld coffee maker was possible, this beautiful invention is here to show you otherwise in all of the ways that matter. Do caffeine your way with this portable invention ready to help.

Product Specification:

Size: 18 cm Height and 6 cm in diameter

Weight: 360 gram

Water capacity: 70 ml

Ground coffee capacity: 7 gram